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Application for West Highland White Terrier from 2 Cute Westies

     1.  Have you owned a Westie before?      

          If not, have you researched the Westie to make sure it's a good fit for your family?

     2.  Are you aware of the care requirements for a Westie?

          Yearly et appointments or more, if needed


          Quality dog food

          What will you do with your Westie when you are away


     3.  Are you prepared to "Puppy Proof" your home?

     4.  Do you own or rent your home? If you rent, does your landlord approve?


     5.  Do you have a fenced in yard?

     6.  Do you have other pets? If so, how do you plan on introducing them to the new puppy?

      7.  How often is someone at home?

     8.  Do you have time to properly house-train the puppy?

     9.  Do you have children? If so, will you train them in the proper way to treat the puppy -

          realizing puppies do jump and are biters when young?

    10.  Westies can live 15+ years. Knowing this, are you prepared to care for them for that long?

          If you can't care for them this long, will you be willing to contact me to help you find a home

          that will rehome your Westie?

          Have you ever surrendered another dog?


Contact Information


Thanks for submitting!

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