Welcome to 2 Cute Westies

What a Beautiful Summer we have had! Even with all of the "ups and downs" that all of us have been experiencing, we have had lots of opportunity to get outside and enjoy God's nature!  Praying that each of you have maintained a peace through all of the "unsettled" around us. 

We had two litters in late May that have just gone to their forever homes. Pepper had her very first litter of two puppies and Greta had her very last litter of two puppies. 

One knows that one has been breeding for a while when the number of "retired" dogs rises. This year we have retired THREE:  Jade, Greta and Levi. When researching breeding, this topic wasn't highlighted, so it has been very challenging. We have been blessed with wonderful "Retirement Homes" for each of the five, Lexi being the first several years ago with Jazi retiring the following year. Lexi and Levi were the original two...thus the creation of 2 Cute Westies. Right now we are keeping Greta as we just can't think of releasing another one at this time.

While we have retired three this year, we have also kept one of Jade's and Greta's girls. When you have such amazing "mamas," why tamper with success. So, Millie (10/28/19) and Fifer (2/3/20) have been added to the Pack. Watch for pictures as they get older.

We totally love breeding Westies. They are hardy, healthy, fun-loving, sweet tempered, amazing animals!

All of our dogs are AKC registered. 

 They live in our home and are very much a part of our family. Their puppies are born in one of our "converted" bedrooms and socialized and loved by us, our kids, grandkids and several friends.

If you are looking for a quality Westie to be a part of your family, look no further. Please check out the following pages for a closer look at our "fur family!" AND, I'm always available for any questions you may have!

Thanks for looking!

- Natalie Mattison, Mom  (the "novice" photographer)