2 Cute Westies Update

My most exciting news is that we should be having puppies the latter part of October. Yes, we have bred (hopefully successfully) Aggie, Edie and Greta. All seems to be going according to schedule and I can't wait!! Now, this will be a most interesting time for me as there have never been three litters this close together, but the house is getting ready for all the sleepless nights and feedings!

If you are currently on my waiting list, I will be getting in touch with each of you after the puppies are born. Depending on what my girls have - and how many - I will have a better idea of who will be in line for one of these Sweet Little Ones. Because of the way my waiting list works (no deposit required), it is "fluid" and I don't know until I have puppies and contact each of you to see if you're still interested. So, please bear with me through this process.

Keep watching....as well as my Facebook page, 2 Cute Westies, as I usually post there first.

Natalie Mattison